I think I started carving.md

Over a month in on Felix’ and my Skateboarding journey I think I did for the first time some carving! The street behind our house is fairly flat and – Read it.


Scooting and Dancing?

Tonight I used my kickbike to get to the El Boliche Milonga where I danced Tango for the evening. On my way back I was surprised how slow I was – Read it.


You Can Carry a Kids Bike on Your Kickbike

Today I needed to pick up my son from preschool and afterwards I wanted to ride back home together with him on his little bike (a brilliant – Read it.


Blog on Blot

I want to redo the way I blog. — My old Tumblelog hasn’t seen as many posts lately as I wish: For my taste Tumblr grew too commercial and – Read it.


Beware of Gravel

When scooting to work this morning, was on a fairly clean bit of tarmac but a few pieces of gravel where on the path. This tripped me up more than I – Read it.


Shoes Make a Difference

Today I went out for a short chilly scoot with my little son and I used some different shoes: fairly new sneakers instead of my casual leather shoes – Read it.


My Kickbiking Journey

Here I post about journey with kick-scooting, or more precise, but less commonly understood kickbiking. I have decided to augment my commute by – Read it.


Xonsh and Empty Arguments

I’m using xonsh for three years now, but I still find little conundrums: I had written a helper script which calls different command line tools with – Read it.


Thinking about 0 to the power of 0

Half by accident I came across What is 0 to the power of 0? on Youtube, an inspiring recording of a normal high school class session about the value – Read it.