You Can Carry a Kids Bike on Your Kickbike

Today I needed to pick up my son from preschool and afterwards I wanted to ride back home together with him on his little bike (a brilliant LittleBig Bike1).

I know, my son and I ride best together when I am not on my normal recumbent, but on my kickbike: Then we both have similar speed and for me it is quick to stop and start at all crossings. But I hadn’t stored his little bicycle at the pre-school. - So how could I get his bike to the school? On the recumbent I could attach the trailer and fix the kids bike to the trailer. Easy. — But with the Kickbike? I haven’t tried attaching the trailer yet, and even if it works, it will be an awfully tough ride…

So I pondered: How can I attach the little bicycle directly to the kickbike? Hooking it up to the scooter’s rear wasn’t an option: As I understand by now, the rear can carry only very slim things on top of the wheel, because on the sides of the back wheel pass in full flight the kicking legs!

But what about the front? I saw the rather wide handlebar and thought: Could I attach the whole kiddy bike across the bar? Yes, I can:

It works surprisingly well. Sure, having the bike across the scooter bars made the steering sluggish, but the kickbike was certainly useable for the 2km to the preschool.

And on the way back my son and I had a great time riding back together.

  1. The LittleBig Bike is a kids bike which is Convertible 3 in 1 Balance Bike With Pedals”.↩︎