Scooting and Dancing?

Tonight I used my kickbike to get to the El Boliche Milonga where I danced Tango for the evening.

On my way back I was surprised how slow I was going on the kickbike. Each kick felt shorter than normal and the 1.5 km of the way home dragged on… The reason was — of course — that I had been dancing for the two hours before.

This made me thinking: Normally I take my push bike (or, in contrast to the kickbike, let’s call it a pedal bike) in order to get to the milonga. And pedalling after dancing felt never particularly hard. So I conclude from this, that dancing and kicking uses quite similar muscles.

Or look at it from another angle: Pedalling and kicking are very distinct movements involving different muscles, so they complement each other rather well, while dancing and kicking are too similar.

Next time I take the push bike again. — Another day I’ve learn some thing from life about life!