Blog on Blot

I want to redo the way I blog. — My old Tumblelog hasn’t seen as many posts lately as I wish: For my taste Tumblr grew too commercial and social-media-like.

So I tried a few blog hosts. I started with the blog hosts my main writing app iA Writer offers tight integration for. Then I came looked at some others as well. Here a list of the platforms I looked at:

  Purpose Price1 Markdown? Tpls? Imgs? iA? Mpub Bottom line
Ghost Marketing blog $25/mth yes ??? yes no Not right. Too expensive
Medium Access limiting free2 yes No yes yes no Strange model
Wordpress Traditional blog $5/mth plugin yes yes yes no Outdated. Behemoth Minimal blog $5/mth yes yes yes yes yes Metadata not in post
Blot Blog via Dropbox/git $4/mth yes yes yes3 limited4 no5 Winner: Metadata are in post!

I then decided to tried out and Blot — And now I think I will go with Blot:

Things I like:
  • Use of post metadata!
  • Super simple interface.
  • David Merfield offers very responsive support
  • Clear no-nonsense philosophy behind the service
Things I (already) don’t like so much:
  • No IndieWeb Micropub connection. Would have been nice to post directly from iA Writer plus Micropub seems a good standard in general (e.g. when you want to change your writing client).
  • No use of a standard open-source blog engine (like Hugo or Pelican).

  1. Useful plan for me.,↩︎

  2. $5 gives you free access (to all medium content).,↩︎

  3. Images have to be copied to Dropbox. But they then get hosted on Blot.,↩︎

  4. Posted have to be exported to Dropbox, because of missing direct Dropbox integration,↩︎

  5. Blot might support this in future.↩︎